COMADRES worked on the national census of the victims and families of the disappeared and assassinated. They also worked with the families on their presentations to the U. N. mandated Truth Commission. The final group of orphans was taken into COMADRES care.


COMADRES in several national and international forums, signing a commitment to develop national standards for the work of all COMADRES groups, defining the role of the human rights worker in the defense of human rights, and worked on forming international chapters of COMADRES in other areas of the world in need.


In this most recent period, human rights training continued, as did the support of the remaining orphans, but several new projects were started as well.

COMADRES joined the 10 year anniversary committee of the Peace Accords and helped that celebration be a success.

COMADRES began working with other human rights organizations that had arisen throughout the war on a more international scope, helping other countries in their struggles with repression.

When it became apparent that the government was not going to act to build the memorial to the victims of the war as was mandated by the U. N. Commission, we joined a committee of NGO's that united to form the Committee for the Monument. The monument was dedicated and unveiled in December of 2003.

COMADRES joined with other organizations in El Salvador to support a World Court. When it was approved, they met with them in June 2003 in preparation for the debut of the court in 2006.



Comité de Madres Mons. Romero

THE LOST: The pursuit of justice for the victims of the violence is ongoing.
Orphan King and Queen: Parades were one of the many activities for the children.
Food Distribution : a major need fulfilled by COMADRES and other human rights organizations.
THE WALL: Dedicated December 6th in Parque Cuscatlán, 2003.